Revitalization of Uptown Begins with Creativeness


Whittier’s Uptown area is at a tipping point. A combination of old and new businesses lines the streets with no true theme associated with the overall presentation of the area making the cozy heart of our city a bit drab. Maintenance is urgently needed to fix streets and sidewalks, remove graffiti and deal with the homeless issue plaguing Whittier.


Recapturing the vibrancy of our Uptown will take commitment from city leaders, the business community and the associations representing them. Simple, yet effective, steps that add no new additional costs but rather are revenue generators include adding more unique events to the calendar catering to families, music enthusiasts, and boutique seeking consumers.


As an example, moving the Farmers Market to an evening event, as opposed to its current morning time on Fridays, will attract more shoppers and bring walking traffic to other vendors in the Uptown area.


Creating four signature events, one per quarter, to attract enthusiasts of art, music, food and culture will draw in target markets. Our schools should also be involved with STEM fairs, student film festivals, and academic competitions.


Reimagining the Uptown space by using what we have available currently will draw in new crowds of residents and visitors, help fund new improvement projects in the area and ultimately make our Uptown a go-to destination for fun and activities reminding people why Whittier is so special.