As a mother and school board member for the Whittier City School District, I want to use my experience to make public safety and fiscal accountability a top priority to improve the quality of life of all Whittier.

We do this by bringing things back to basics focusing on clean streets, safe parks, safe neighborhoods, revitalizing our shopping areas, making city services efficient, protecting property value. 


Dr. Irella Perez 

It is simple,



"Im committed to keeping Whittier

a great place to live, work and raise a family"

Dr Irella Perez

Preserve Whittier’s Charm


Whittier’s historic charm can and must be preserved. I oppose high density apartments, motels and oil drilling.  Unfortunately, Whittier has made a turn for the worse; a path of over development and escalating traffic congestion. I stand for a Whittier future with more recreational opportunities and one that preserves safe, welcoming single-family neighborhoods.

Dr Irella Perez